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Installing Forcefield  

  • How do I install or reinstall the Forcefield Child App on my child’s iPhone or iPad?

    On your child’s mobile device, download Forcefield for Child app from the App Store and follow the prompts. Before you install, you'll need: Device passcodes as well as Apple IDs & passwords for your child's devices.

  • How do I install or reinstall Forcefield on my child's Mac computer?

    From your child's computer, go to and select Install Forcefield. Forcefield will ask you to confirm that you are on the child’s computer, and will then download an installer file called “Forcefield.pkg” which may appear on your desktop or in your Downloads folder (depending on your settings). Double click on the installer and follow the simple steps. During the process you will be asked to sign in to Forcefield, which is how your child’s computer becomes connected to your new Forcefield account.

    Next, you will be asked whether this computer is used just by one child, or is shared between multiple users (which can also include you). If the computer is likely to be shared, select Multiple Users so that users will have the ability to sign in and sign out on the same computer. You can also change this in Settings later.

    Next, you will be asked to select either Safari or Chrome as the only browser that will be available on this computer after Forcefield is installed. (We strongly recommend that you consult with your child as to which browser they prefer before making this decision.) When the installation is finished, Forcefield will remove and disable all other browsers except for the one you selected, and will relaunch that browser. Your child may now browse the Internet.

  • How do I install or reinstall the Forcefield Parent App on my iPhone or iPad?

    From your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store. Search for Forcefield for Parent Device. Download the app, launch the app and sign into Forcefield.

  • How do I prevent my child from uninstalling Forcefield, or know if it has been disabled?

    If your child disables Forcefield by uninstalling the browser extension from their computer or by deleting the app from their iOS device, you will be notified in three ways:

    • 1) You will see a bright orange warning alert at the top of your Parent Dashboard online.

      2) You will receive an alert on your iPhone if you have the Forcefield Parent App installed and Notifications enabled.

      3) You will also receive an email from us the following day letting you know that the software has been disabled. To reinstall, follow the steps in these FAQs about installing Forcefield.

  • Can I install Forcefield on my children's mobile (iOS) devices only?

    Yes. You can install Forcefield on their iOS mobile devices only. Assuming you have already set up a parent account and profiles for each of your children, from your child’s mobile device, download Forcefield for Child Device from the App Store and follow the prompts. If you have not created a parent account or child profiles yet, go to and select Sign Me Up.

App Sleeper  

  • How do I use the App Sleeper?

    Forcefield’s App Sleeper function allows you to sleep and wake apps, games and social networks on your children’s iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. First you must have installed Forcefield on the child’s device. If you have not yet done so, open Safari from your child's mobile device, go to, log in and follow the steps. You can then use the App Sleeper either by logging into your Parent Dashboard at or by using the Parent App.

    You can use the App Sleeper in three ways:

    1) To sleep apps on demand, select the child, select App Sleeper, and select Sleep Apps Now. Apps will sleep on your child’s mobile device until you select Wake Apps. Now.

    2) To sleep apps on a timer, select Sleep Apps on a Timer, and select the desired time period. The Parent App shows you when apps will reawaken, and at that time your child’s apps will automatically reappear on your child’s phone when the time period is up.

    3) To sleep apps on a repeating schedule, select Sleep Apps on a Schedule and set the times during which you want apps to automatically sleep and then wake. For instance, you can select school nights and specify that you want apps off from 7pm in the evening until 7am the following morning. Remember to save your schedule when complete.

  • I downloaded the Forcefield Child app onto my child’s iOS device, but the App Sleeper isn’t working. Why?

    In order to use the App Sleeper, you need to install the Forcefield Child app on your child's mobile device(s). To do this, from your child’s mobile device, download Forcefield for Child app from the App Store and follow the prompts.

  • When the apps disappear, will they be gone permanently?

    No, they are only put “to sleep” until you wake them. You can sleep and wake apps on demand, by using a timer for a specified period of time, or on a repeating schedule.

  • Can my child still text, email and make calls when I have enabled the App Sleeper?

    Yes. App Sleeper does not sleep Mail, Messages or the telephone function, although it does disable the camera so FaceTime will be disabled during App Sleeper sessions.

  • If I sleep apps now, how long will it last?

    1) If you have used the App Sleeper on demand, apps will stay asleep until you wake them manually by using the Wake Apps Now button. If no Wake Apps Now command is received after 12 hours, apps will automatically awaken.

    2) If you have used the App Sleeper’s timer, apps will wake automatically when the time period you specified is up. The amount of time remaining is shown on both the parent web portal and the parent app.

    3) If you have used the App Sleeper’s schedule, apps will wake automatically according to the schedule you have specified.

Photo Report  

  • How do I set up the Photo Report for each of my children?

    This setup is currently unavailable on the Parent iPhone App, so you will need to access your Parent Dashboard at from a desktop or laptop computer. Select a child, then Photo Report and Photo Report Setup (upper right). Choose one of the five social networks we currently support and hit the Add button. You will then be automatically redirected to that social network’s log-in page. Enter your child’s user name/password and log in. This social network is now linked to your Forcefield account and you will receive any image that your child posts to this network in your Activity Report (click on the camera icon). After you have linked this social network, you will be redirected back to the Photo Report Setup page where you can continue to add social networks from the Add Social Network Account dropdown menu.

    Note: If you are currently signed into the same social network on the computer you are using, you must sign out of your own account first before adding this social network in Photo Report Setup (ie, go to, sign out, and then go to Photo Report Setup and select Instagram). You also need to perform this log out before you add the same social network for another child.

  • How do I view photos in Photo Report?

    After you have linked your child’s social networks, you can access your child’s Photo Report in four ways:

    1) Log in to the Parent Dashboard at, select a child and then select Activity Report. Click on the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of the Activity Report.

    2) On the daily Activity Report sent to your email, click on the camera icon.

    3) In the Parent App or on the Parent Dashboard, select Child, then select Photo Report.

  • How long will my child’s Photo Report images be stored on my Parent Dashboard?

    The images will remain on your Photo Report as long as the photos are on your child’s social network.

  • Can I delete images from my child’s social network from my Photo Report?

    No, your child’s photos are only viewable through our Photo Report. You cannot delete or edit these images with Forcefield.

  • What about Snapchat?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to show you photos and videos that your children share via Snapchat because it does not have a public API. Some users like Snapchat because the photos and texts “disappear” after being received by the sender, but many parents also find it troubling because they are unable to supervise their children on Snapchat for the same reason. Our App Report function shows you a list of all apps your children have on their mobile devices, and it will show Snapchat if it is installed. Each parent must decide whether they want their children to have a Snapchat account or not.

Activity Report  

  • The time stamps on websites visited by my child are off by several hours…?

    Make sure that your child's device is registered in the correct time zone. On your child's device, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and correct the time zone.

  • How can I get a daily Activity Report by email?

    When you create a Forcefield parent account with an email address and password, we automatically use that email address to send you a daily browsing Activity Report every morning for each of your children if they have web browsing activity with the Forcefield browser. If you want other people to receive the Activity Report by email, log into Forcefield and go to the Parent Dashboard, click on My Account and enter additional email addresses under Add Parent.

  • How do I see the full URL of a website my child has visited?

    The Activity Report only shows you the main URL visited - such as - as well as the time of day and amount of time your child spent on the site. In the future, Forcefield will report on the full URL and parents will be able to click on it from within the Activity Report to see the actual web page or video that has been accessed. This feature is coming soon.

  • My child has been browsing on their laptop, but Forcefield is not recording any activity on my Activity Report.

    It is possible that the Forcefield app on your child's computer has quit or is experiencing a problem. On your child's computer, you will see a little Forcefield icon in the shape of a robot's head. It should be black. When you click on it, it will display a pop down menu at the top of which, in green letters, you should see "Status: OK." If the pop down menu does not display, or if the Forcefield icon is red, restart the computer. If you do not see any Forcefield icon at all, your child may have uninstalled the software. Click here for instructions for installing or reinstalling Forcefield on a child's laptop computer.

  • Why has my Activity Report stopped showing any browsing information?

    1) Your child may not have browsed any websites recently from any Forcefield-enabled computers or mobile devices.

    2) Your child may have uninstalled Forcefield by disabling the browser extension on their computer or deleting the app from their iOS device. If this happened, you would have received a notification on your iPhone (assuming you have downloaded the Forcefield Parent App and have Notifications turned on), another notification on your Parent Dashboard online and also in an email from us. If you think it is possible that you may have missed these notifications, check your child's computer or iOS device in person to see if Forcefield is enabled. On the computer, open Safari or Chrome (whichever browser you selected upon installation), go to Extensions and see if the Forcefield extension is present and active. On the iOS device, look to see if the Forcefield app icon is present on the home page. We recommend that you also browse a few websites from these devices and then check to see if they are showing up on your child's Activity Report.

    3) If you have a multi-user account, your child may have been browsing on the computer under another child's name, in which case their browsing history will be mixed in with the other child's browsing. Forcefield prompts users to self-select themselves when logging in, but you may want to make sure that your child is logging in under the correct name.

    4) Your child may have downloaded another browser on their iOS device, such as Chrome. On iOS devices, Forcefield removes Safari and then only records browsing done through the Forcefield app. It will not record browsing through Chrome or other app browsers, and we are unable to block such downloads from the App Store. If your child has downloaded Chrome or another browser, we would have sent you the three notifications above. If you are unsure, log in to your Parent Dashboard online and review all of the apps on your children's iOS devices with our App Report. If you see Chrome or any other browser apps on any iOS device, you must delete them from your child's iPad or iPhone and tell your child that you will know if they download another browser again. Consult FAQs for instructions to reinstall Forcefield if necessary.

Browsing Rules  

  • What's the difference between Blocking On and Blocking Off?

    With Blocking On, your child can only browse the Forcefield Library of educational websites and any website that you manually add into their personal library. With Block Off, your child can browse the entire Internet, but you can still locking SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode. You can also restrict access to any website from their personal library.


  • How do I block my child from accessing specific websites?

    From your Parent Dashboard or Parent App, go to your child's Library. Under Add or Restrict a Website, select Restricted and input the website. Click Add to complete the process.

  • Does the Forcefield browser work the same way as Safari?

    We built the Forcefield browser to emulate Safari as closely as possible, but there are some differences which some children may find frustrating. Certain functions on Apple mobile devices, such as asking Siri to Google something or opening a link on an iPhone, use Safari as the default browser. If parents have opted to hide Safari on their child’s mobile device, some of these functions will not work as they did with Safari. There are also some benefits that come with the Forcefield browser, such as locking in SafeSearch, YouTube Restricted Mode as well as the ability to restrict specific websites.

    If you would like to return Safari to your child’s iPhone or iPad and still keep all of the other Forcefield functions, please see the next FAQ which tells you how you can quickly and easily return Safari to your child’s devices. Please note: Forcefield cannot track browsing activity on Safari, so any websites your child visits using Safari will not be included in your Forcefield Activity Report.

  • Can I give my child access to websites that I have previously blocked?

    Yes. From the Forcefield Parent Dashboard or Parent App, go to your child's Library. Under Restricted sites, tap Edit, select the website and then tap Delete. Your child will now be able to access this website.

  • How do I filter YouTube to make it appropriate for my kids?

    From the Parent Dashboard or Parent App, select Browsing Rules. If you have selected Blocking On and have added YouTube to your child's personal library, they will be locked into YouTube Restricted Mode. If you have Blocking Off, check the Enable YouTube Restricted Mode option. Note Restricted Mode is only enabled when your child is using the Forcefield browser, not the YouTube app. Check your App Report to ensure your child does not have the YouTube app.

Texting and Emails  

Changing Users/Setting Up Multiple Users on the Same Computer or iOS Device  

  • How do I set up multiple users on the same computer?

    When installing Forcefield for the first time on a computer, you will be prompted with the question, "Who will be using this computer?" on the same screen in which you are asked to select Safari or Chrome as the browser. The pop down menu will display a list of all children for whom you have set up a Forcefield profile, as well as Multiple Users. Select Multiple Users and finish the installation. Thereafter, each time the computer wakes from a sleeping state, or any time any user opens a browser window, Forcefield will prompt the user to select their name before proceeding to the browser. Your Activity Report will then show you the individual browsing for each of your children, even though they are using the same computer.

  • How do I switch users on my child's computer?

    If you chose Multiple Users when you installed Forcefield on this computer, go to the child’s computer and click on the Forcefield icon in the Finder menu. Select Switch User from the drop down menu and then select the child you want to switch to. Also, each time the computer wakes from sleep, Forcefield will prompt the user to self-identify before allowing access to the browser. If you set up this computer for a single user and now wish to make it multi-user, select Quit from the Forcefield drop down menu and enter your password to exit Forcefield. The Forcefield logo will disappear from the top of the computer. Then go into your Applications folder and launch Forcefield and sign in. Forcefield will ask “Who will be using this computer?” and you should select Multiple Users. Then reselect the desired browser and finish the installation. The computer will now be in multi-user mode.

  • How do I disable Forcefield temporarily when I want to use a computer that I share with my child?

    Under the Forcefield menu in the Finder menu, select Disable Forcefield. Select either 30 or 60 minutes if you wish Forcefield to automatically reengage at the end of that time period. If you don't want to set a time, select, "Until I switch users." Enter your password to disable Forcefield. Forcefield will then be temporarily disabled and the Forcefield App icon will turn red at the top of your screen. This means that no blocking is enabled, and the Activity Report is not tracking any browsing activity. If you forget to switch users back to your child, Forcefield will automatically reengage and switch back to the last child user when the computer sleeps next.

Profile Settings  

  • How do I reset my password?

    Go to and Sign Out if you are logged. Click Log In on the Welcome screen. Click the "forgot your password?" link. On the Forgot Your Password screen enter your email address and click, "Send me reset password instructions." An email with the subject, "Reset Password Instructions" will be sent to you. Click the, "Change my password" link in the email. Enter your new password twice and click, "Change my password." Your password should now be changed and usable on the Parent Dashboard, Mac app, and iOS apps.

Trouble Shooting  

  • Why won't my child's Forcefield app update?

    Sometimes when we release an update to the Forcefield Child app, it may take Apple several hours to propagate the update throughout all of the servers in the App Store. As a result, when your child tries to update the Forcefield app, they may receive an “Open” button, when it should say “Update.” If your child receives this error, they should launch the App Store app directly on their mobile device, select Updates, and update Forcefield from this menu.

App Report  

Uninstalling Forcefield  

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Go to My Account on your Parent Dashboard and select Subscription Summary. From there, select Deactivate. This will automatically deactivate your credit card from the next billing cycle if you have signed up via our website.

    If you signed up in App. Follow the instructions below. 

    Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
    Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
    Tap Apple ID> Select View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.
    Tap Subscriptions.
    Tap the subscription that you want to manage. …
    Use the options to manage your subscription.


  • How do I uninstall and remove the Forcefield Child App from my child’s iPhone or iPad?

    Remove the Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile from the child’s iOS device by going to Settings > General > Device Management. Select Forcefield MDM and tap Remove Management. Enter the device passcode if required. Select Remove.

  • How do I uninstall and remove the Forcefield Parent App from my iPhone or iPad?

    Find the Forcefield icon on your iOS device. Lightly press and hold the icon for three seconds until it begins to wiggle. Touch the small “x” that appears on the Forcefield icon to delete it.

  • How do I uninstall Forcefield on my child’s Mac computer?

    Go to the Safari or Chrome menu and select Preferences. Then select Extensions and for the Forcefield extension click Uninstall in Safari or the trash can in Chrome. Next, quit the Forcefield application. In the Finder menu at the top of the screen, click on the Forcefield “bot” (little robot head) icon and select Quit. You will need to enter your Forcefield parent password in order to quit. Next, throw the Forcefield application away from your Applications folder and empty the trash. Restart the computer and relaunch the browser, which will now behave as it did before Forcefield was installed.

What is App Sleeper?  

What is Photo Report?  

What is App Report?  

What are Browsing Rules?  

  • Will I be able to search the entire Internet with the Forcefield browser?

    It depends on what settings your parents have selected. With some settings, you’ll only have access to specific sites; with others, you’ll have access to the entire Internet. Either way, if your parents have selected Forcefield as your browser, they will see your browsing activity in their Activity Report.

  • What if I get blocked from a specific website?

    If this happens, you’ll immediately be able to request access to that site. An instant notification will go to your parents. If they grant access to the site, you can access it immediately and it will go into your permanent library so that you won’t have to request permission to access it again.

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