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Why has my Activity Report stopped showing any browsing information?

Last Updated : Dec 15, 2017 08:41PM UTC
1) Your child may not have browsed any websites recently from any Forcefield-enabled computers or mobile devices.

2) Your child may have uninstalled Forcefield by disabling the browser extension on their computer or deleting the app from their mobile device. If this has happened, you would have received a notification on Forcefield for Parent Device (assuming Notifications were enabled), another notification on your Parent Dashboard online and also in an email from us. If you think it is possible that you may have missed these notifications, check your child's computer or mobile device to see if Forcefield is enabled: On the computer, open Safari or Chrome (whichever browser you selected upon installation), go to Extensions and see if the Forcefield extension is present and active. On your child's mobile device, look to see if the Forcefield app icon is present. We recommend that you also browse a few websites from these devices and then check to see if they are showing up on your child's Activity Report.

3) Your child may have downloaded another browser on their mobile device. Forcefield can only record browsing activity done from within Forcefield for Child Device. If your child has downloaded another browser, we would have sent you the three notifications above. If you are unsure, log in to your Parent Dashboard online and review all of the apps on your children's mobile devices with our App Report. If you see other browser apps, you must delete them from your child's mobile device(s) and tell your child that you will know if they download another browser again. Consult FAQs for instructions to reinstall Forcefield if necessary.

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